4 Star Reviews

BOOK REVIEW: Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero

Book Title: Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero

Author: Alex Gabriel

Genre(s): Queer Fiction, Fantasy

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.27

My Rating: 4 Stars

Brief Synopsis: “‘Love for the Cold-Blooded’ is a light-hearted jaunt through a world of superheroes and villains, android dolphins, mind control rays, eldritch artifacts stolen from the tombs of ancient gods, and young men loving not wisely, but well.” (Taken from Goodreads page)

My Review:

This was a very entertaining and cute read. JUST LOOK AT THAT COVER. 👌👌 I love superhero stories AND queer stories so when I read the description of this book I knew I had to read it. Pat West is the son of a supervillian also known as a “challenger” for those of you who aren’t unnaturally biased in favor of “hoagies” or superheroes as they’re known by the general public. In a crazy mix-up that only happens in books and movies, “hoagie” Silver Paladin, also known as Nick Anderson, mistakes Pat West for a paid “companion” and they begin a sexual relationship.

I love a good “opposites attract” story and this one was perfect – serious, slightly awkward billionaire superhero and goofy, down-to-earth urban planning student. Felt a little Holmes-Watson, Castiel-Dean or Carmilla-Laura to me. Which is a big compliment coming from me – I love those nerds! The book was wonderfully nerdy and fun and smart and ridiculous! VERY ridiculous at times (in a good way). Exhibit A:

“It was only when he heard his own words echo in his ears, backlit by the ambient noise of a connection halfway around the world to a jungle village near the cavern where his father was watching over his hibernating mother as she shed her human skin, preparing to rise up in glory to seize the world in the scaled grip of her fist…” (p. 97)

Ahahaha see what I mean? The book is full of this stuff and I LOVED it.Give me weird, dorky characters any day. And the superheroes and villains thing was fun too because no one really tried to kill each other, the villains were actually pretty chill and they were all pretty dorky. ❤

And I think it’s probably considered erotica. Most likely. There were some pretty explicit parts. *waggles eyebrows* You know. Sex stuff. A lot of it. Which was fun. But, honestly I enjoyed the mushy parts the most. Pat and Nick find each other adorable and irresistible and are constantly sharing what they like about each other (as well as giving each other shit).

I really don’t want to say too much or give anything away. Let’s just say it’s a fun, engaging read with substance. If you’re looking for a happy, fluffy read with great character development and queer MCs, then you should check this one out!!

I think I’ve been forgetting to use my queer rating scales so here you go:

Angst: 1 – There was very minimal angst in this one and it was a lot of fun. Virtually zero angst about his sexual identity! This world seemed pretty accepting overall of queer folks.

Coming Out: 1 – Pat was already out to almost everyone in his life. He did come out to his parents but the experience was positive overall.

Believability: 5. Aside from the obvious believability issues with superheroes and villains, the queer characters felt pretty real to me.


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