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Book Review – The Firebird’s Tale

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review.*

I really enjoyed reading this fairy tale of a Tsarevich and Firebird-in-human-form (for most of this story at least) forced into marriage by the Tsar’s decree that anyone who could make the Tsarevich smile would marry him. The story is so much more than that, it’s war, magic, political intrigue and fairy tales upon fairy tales. Don’t get me wrong, there is romance in this book as well and a good one. I love romances between a “regular person” and someone who isn’t regular – whether they’re not human, hundreds of years old or an alien – so I really enjoyed this story.

Overall, great story that kept me entranced until it was over. Perfect for anyone that love mythology, folk tales, fairy tales, or just some good same-sex romance in a land where same-sex relationships are treated as normally as any others. I almost feel like there could be a sequel though. I would love to see how everyone deals with the catastrophe that their world is currently facing.

*Spoilers below so stop reading if you don’t want to see them*




I also particularly enjoyed the origin story and the ending in which these giant, magical creatures are freed to remake the world anew. Thinking of my tribe’s origin stories, I can almost imagine this happening when the spirits and those who left this place to allow human beings to live here come back after deciding that we are no longer taking care of this land that was entrusted to our care. Maybe it’s the stress and worries about the politic climate in the US that is making me appreciate these types of stories so much right now but I love it.





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