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REVIEW: The Fairy’s Assistant

Book: The Fairy’s Assistant

Author: Sasha L. Miller

My rating: 3.5/4 stars (sometimes I just can’t make up my mind on the star ratings)

Goodreads Summary: “Generally Hayden enjoys his life—he gets to travel, he has a fairy in his pocket, and he helps her bring happiness to people who would otherwise go overlooked and continue suffering. The only problem is that magic is illegal, and there’s a certain stubborn, handsome knight determined to prove that Hayden deserves to be locked up. Between dodging the stubborn knight and the odious nobles he’s currently working for, helping his fairy get a woman to a ball is going to be more difficult than their missions usually are.”


This was a fun and lighthearted queer romance with very little angst and a happy ending! Do I sound surprised? I am a little bit. There are so many queer books with tragic endings and I am so glad that we are finally getting more happy, fluffy books! And I don’t mean fluffy in a negative way. I love books that you can read any time, even when you are in a book slump, and fluffy books always do that for me. I also love retelling of fairy tales and other classic stories esp. if they are queer!

This book had a new and interesting take on fairies which was cool. The story itself wasn’t super complex and the villains were fairly one-dimensional (I loved flawed and complex villains who aren’t just straight-up evil with no redeeming qualities) but it was a cute and quick read. The romances in the story were very sweet and there are gratifying parts of the story where bad guys meet bad ends and good guys save the day and the fairy’s assistant (who is helping the fairy give good people HEAs) may just get his happily-after-ever in the end. Overall, cute and fun read. Love the fact that it queers a traditionally hetero fairy tale (Cinderella) and gives us a MC who isn’t a prince or princess – can we do this to every fairy tell and story?!?!?

*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers, Less Than Three Press (who publish some fantastic queer stories), for the opportunity.*



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