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REVIEW: The Fairy’s Assistant

Book: The Fairy’s Assistant Author: Sasha L. Miller My rating: 3.5/4 stars (sometimes I just can’t make up my mind on the star ratings) Goodreads Summary: “Generally Hayden enjoys his lifeā€”he gets to travel, he has a fairy in his pocket, and he helps her bring happiness to people who would otherwise go overlooked and… Continue reading REVIEW: The Fairy’s Assistant

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Book Review – The Firebird’s Tale

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review.* I really enjoyed reading this fairy tale of a Tsarevich and Firebird-in-human-form (for most of this story at least) forced into marriage by the Tsar’s decree that anyone who could make the Tsarevich smile would marry him. The story is so… Continue reading Book Review – The Firebird’s Tale

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BOOK REVIEW: Clancy of the Undertow

Book Title: Clancy of the Undertow Author: Christopher Currie Genre(s)/Categories: Young Adult Fiction, Queer Fiction, Coming of Age story Average Goodreads Rating: 3.92 My Rating: 4/5 stars Brief Synopsis: “In a dead-end town like Barwen a girl has only got to be a little different to feel like a freak. And Clancy, a typical sixteen-year-old… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Clancy of the Undertow